About Us

What We Are About

A trade organisation founded on the 27th of November 1956.

The MTMA is a trade organisation representing the importers of Machine Tools throughout South Africa. The Machine Tool Merchants’ Association of South Africa (MTMA) was founded on the 27th November 1956.

The Association functions in the basic manner of most national trade associations. Annually the Association elects five non-salaried officers from among its membership i.e. a chairman and vice-chairman and 3 Officers. Principally these officers are owners or top management personnel within member companies. None of these elected officers is active on a day-to-day basis in the Association, however, it is their function to provide basic direction and establishment of policies and priorities for the year ahead.

Membership is restricted to Companies importing new machine tools and which have an infrastructure to support the stocking, marketing and after-sales-service of machine tools.


Our Philosophy

Purchasing a machine from a member means peace of mind for the machine tool buyer.

MTMA members subscribe to a Code of Ethics designed to protect buyers and can normally show machines running under power, check to ensure safe delivery to their works, undertake installation and comissioning where required and provide operator training for the client where appropriate.