Advanced manufacturing is a dynamic, globalised sector which as distributors of high-tech machinery in the South African market, we can attest to the fact that it is constantly evolving.

What has been great for us as distributors to witness during 2022, is that manufacturing technology is beginning to filter across various sectors (industrial and other) and into companies of all sizes. The 2022 statistics of our members show considerable growth in the machine tool sector, indicating a very successful year.

It is because of this fantastic growth and investment in quality machinery, that we as an association need to help our members transform manufacturing in South Africa. It is imperative that we are able to expand our network so that we increase our knowledge, partner with the right associations and groups, investigate the benefits of skills development and hopefully in future outreach programs to support and uplift South African communities.

The 2022 committee has really put hard work and effort into the association this year, preparing it to transform into the digital age and extend our network. We are proud of our new social media channels as well as our new partnerships with other associations and skill development programs.

The results from a survey conducted by our members have additionally given us vital information on how we can further inform our members of industry trends. We introduce a new committee member, Hannah Van Rensburg, who recently joined us and is working closely with Nadia to help the association move forward with our new vision, improve our marketing as well as support the committee members in the various initiatives they are working on throughout the year.

We are very pleased to say that our social media is up and running. We encourage all members to support us in this effort, with ideas and content. If you would like to get involved, please speak to Hannah directly at We are currently on Facebook and LinkedIn, so please find us by searching Machine Tool Merchants’ Association and liking and sharing to further our reach and network. Ask your sales representatives as well as any other influential people in your business to support us.

We are happy to partner with Specialised Montgomery once again for Machine Tools Africa 2024. The previous show in 2017 was a stand put success, attracting high quality visitors to watch live demonstrations on machinery and equipment over four days. The 2024 show will be a great step towards the recovery and upgrading of local manufacturing businesses in South Africa, with smart factories and industry 5.0 making more of an appearance. It will be very exciting to see how our members utilise this platform to target the manufacturing sector.

The association would like to thank everyone involved for their contribution to the future for the MTMA, we intend on keeping the momentum going and ensure through some hard work and effort we can align ourselves with the upcoming Machine Tool Africa trade show in 2024 as well as other great industrial associations here in South Africa. We look forward to taking the association to the next level.

Thank you to our board members, First Cut, PBS Machine Tools, Retecon, WD Hearn
and Bystronic, who worked diligently and gave valuable input during the year to get
us to the point we are now. Their contribution is vital and appreciated. A big thank you to Nadia Stevens, as always, her involvement throughout the year is valued in every way, as well as helping to arrange the first face-to-face AGM in 2 years! To Hannah, thank you for the stunning presentation and the work on our social media so far.

We look forward to taking the association to the next level.

Joanne Canossa